Today we will be at FREQUENTLY asked questions by brides in COVID-19 period.
We know some of us have questions and we are getting worried because we really can tell when all this will be over.
It’s important to reach to your vendors and open a line of communication, but if you are worried about making full paymeny, go ahead and make part payments . It reduces the burden on you when all this is over, because their will be increase in price when all this is over.
It depends on the contract you have with your planner and how far your new date will be. We encourage you enquire from your planner.
You can send postponements via mail or email and if you have a new date please include it or better still send a new invite later.
The best time to reschedule my dear is now, please don’t wait if you want an intimate wedding. We have never experience such before and we don’t know what the outcome of things will be in the next few months , the rate keeps increasing. And everyone else is trying to get a new date and you don’t want to lose out on your best vendors when you call late you will hear darling am fully booked